Merchant portal with cutting-edge features

bolttech merchant portal empowers businesses to offer protection services to their customers. It requires minimal IT investment with easy plug & play installation with your website or e-store. We offer seamless and fast integration on tech stack such as shopify, magento, php etc.It is a one-stop-shop protection service solution that will enable your business to generate additional revenue, provide value-added services and offerings to your customer and enhance their shopping experience.

Flexibility to go “in and out” of products

bolttech offers a wide range of protection product and service selection, ranging from switch to extended warranty for various electronic devices. We will help you handle all aspects of your selected product and service. We will service your customers’ repair or switch request with quality, like the way we are serving our 7.7 million customers worldwide. Our merchant portal will allow you the flexibility to go “in and out” of products in a click.

Track sales and revenue

Our merchant dashboard will provide you with insights on sales, revenue, conversion, margin etc. It will help you better understand your customer behaviours and satisfaction.

First Class customer service, technical and pricing support

The merchant portal offers pricing flexibility to set your own margin on the protection product. We provide real-time & dynamic pricing based on products. We are always there to provide service support to you, your team, and your customers.