Plug and play extended warranties that unlock additional revenue

Offering extended warranty to your customers has never been easier. Device Protect seamlessly integrates into your purchase flow, adding value to the customer experience and to your bottom line.


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Policies written in 2020


Unlock additional revenue streams.

Provide your customers a way to protect their products and we’ll look after the rest. Our dynamic pricing lets you set your own product margin on platform, enabling flexibility & additional product revenue streams.


Build more customer loyalty.

Your engagement with your customers shouldn’t end when you’ve delivered their product. Offering extended warranty keeps them connected with your business for longer, increasing return visits to your store.


Simple, fast and seamless integration.

Our extended warranty embeds seamlessly into your customer’s purchase flow. The plug & play software means we can have you up and running in no time, with technical support when you need it.

Find out how much you could be earning with Device Protect


Target number of devices sold per year


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Target margin on extended warranty

*for extended warranty - 12-months

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Seamless extended warranty add-on

Offer your customers the option to protect their goods without disrupting their user experience. Device Protect is designed to blend in with your purchase flow, making it feel effortless while adding value to their purchase and your bottom line.

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Easy to integrate to get you started fast

Whether you’re using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, SFCC or any other eCommerce platform, Device Protect provides frictionless integrations so you can easily plug-and-play

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Simple tracking and management for easy reporting

Our feature-rich dashboard gives you all the key data in one place. You can set-up dynamic pricing, add new SKUs or generate financial reports all in one place.

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