Frequently Asked Questions

bolttech Device Protection Program is a great way for you to obtain extended warranty for your product purchases. bolttech acts as a service provider for your retailer to service your extended warranty for a coverage period of 6-month, 12-month or 24-month beyond any manufacturer’s warranty. It mirrors original manufacturer warranty which covers inherent mechanical and/or electrical defects and/or failures.

We would help you by picking up your device, sending it to repairer, fixing it and picking it up and delivering back to you. We cover all the repair and logistic costs.

Purchase "Device Protection Program" powered by bolttech through your local retailers.

Enjoy knowing you're protected with "Device Protection Program" powered by bolttech, an extended warranty service for your new Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet device. You'll be protected for mechanical malfunction or defects after the manufacturer's warranty expire. Our service team will work to help get you back on track.

To make an Extended Warranty service request, you can either call us at +852 58032497 or click the link below to make a service request online:


$0 service fee There is no service fee for Extended Warranty service request. Please see your retailer program’s Terms and Conditions for full details.

How soon can I expect to receive my service?

Once you have submitted your service request, we will call you to arrange a device pick up based on your availability and send it to repair center.

Once we have verified the breakdown of your device is caused by faults covered under your retailer's extended warranty program, in most cases, you will receive your device back in next business day.

Your retailer's extended warranty aims to mirror original manufacturer warranty which covers inherent mechanical and/or electrical defects and/or failures, and extends it for a period of either 6-month, 12-month or 24-month.

As a result, any damages or loss as a result of areas outside of the original manaufaturer's warranty will not be covered, for example but not limited to: accidental damage, liquid damage, abuse, neglect, pre-existing conditions, rust, corrosion, theft or burglary, mysterious disappearance, damage from exposure to weather conditions, power fluctuations, and any damage not covered under original manufacturer's warranty.

Please refer to your retailer's Extended Warranty Program Terms and Conditions for full details.