Device protection

bolttech device protection is committed to offering a worry and hassle-free service to customers. You know you can enjoy your newly purchased device with a complete peace-of-mind with an added device protection service.

Who are we

Launched in 2020, bolttech is an international digital protection and insurance business. As a digital native with a global reach, we’re uniquely placed to deliver the future of insurance – a future that’s designed around people’s lives, making things easier for customers, while multiplying opportunities for partners. We are currently serving 7.7 million customers, across three continents with a presence in 12 markets, and we’re growing.

Extended Warranty - the 4 major benefits

1.No limit on the number of warranty service requests*
2.100% authorised repair
3.Door-to-door delivery service available
4.No lemon policy: after three (3) service repairs for the same defect have beencompleted on an individual eligible covered product, and it still requires a fourth (4th) repair, we will provide you with a replacement device of the same model or same generation. *subject to maximum aggregate limit

Switch your device for any reason

Decide whether you want to switch to the exact same device or something different.We offer the freedom to switch to another brand or style within the same generation and price range. We deliver to any residential or office address in Hong Kong in as fast as six hours