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How to get Merchant ID and API Key

Joseph Sette


Last updated 2021-09-16T19:34:17.762+08:00

The following article describes the process to obtain Merchant ID and API keys for integration with the bolttech eCommerce API and plugins. Please note: the process for Production and Sandbox is the same, it's just a different server URL.


In order to obtain a Merchant ID and API, you will need to have a registered merchant account with each instance. I.e. Production and Sandbox

Production: https://merchants.bolttechecommerce.com

Sandbox: https://merchants-sandbox.bolttechecommerce.com

1. Login to the Merchant Portal:


2. Get your API Key

Your API key can be found under Developers > API Keys. Click the little eye button to display your API Key, and the little copy button to copy to clipboard.